Maintain complete control of your data at all times.

Harness the Power of Lived Experience (LX)

The details of your real-world experiences are valuable. Aggregate the data that digitally describes what you do in the physical world, and use it to team up with brands & organizations with missions worth supporting.

Decide for yourself "who is giving me value in return for my data?" and "who is using my data for good?". You can empower them to do better, by understanding the nuances of people better!

Leverage Your Experiences.

  • Data Sources, including your fitness tracker devices and apps, provide the inputs that form the basis of your Lived Experience (LX) data.

  • PWR Lab analyzes and enriches those inputs, layering in context such as weather and terrain details that capture the nuance you experienced.

  • Visit the Sources page in the PWR Lab app to manage which devices and services are linked to PWR Lab. Link new devices or remove current authorizations in just a few seconds.

Exchange Your Data for Value.

  • Innovative, people-centric organizations use PWR Lab to ethically and transparently source data from individuals like you.

  • YOU choose which missions to support and who to share your data with: PWR Lab does not share it with anyone else.

  • Team up with brands and organizations that care about you, provide you with value, and use your data to meet your personal needs.


Control Your LX Footprint.

  • Your data is only shared through the connections you choose to make, with the permissions you choose to set. 

  • Your control is granular, with options at the level of each individual device authorization and data sharing connection.

  • Going off the grid? Terminate any or all connections instantly, with the click of a button. View and manage them all in the Exchange. (Click the Manage Permissions button to opt-out).




Best-in-class data security and compliance are a given. Our data policies also ensure complete transparency – a value near & dear to our hearts after years of recording and syncing data, just like you.

Our goal is to make sure you never need to worry about or wonder about how your data is being used.

Contact us with any questions.

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